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Our Products

Asura, in accordance with our mission to become your trusted Insurance Companion, has a variety of products from several of our partner insurance companies. We will analyze the personal data and information that you provide to us to provide recommendations for insurance products that best suit your needs.

You need to know that we do not belong to any insurance company, so our recommendations will be ascertained objectively based on the information you provide. We always review each insurance product that works with us to make it easier to provide recommendations to you. Some things you need to know about our products are as follows:

  • Insurance product consultations to us are free, either through chat boxes, telephones, or e-mail. You just need to enter your personal data and protection needs that you have. We will provide an overview of several alternative insurance products that you can choose with a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages. You can easily get product comparisons from several insurance companies just by becoming an Asura Friend

  • Insurance products from our partners can be purchased through Asura. There is no fee or any price difference with the price of our partner company. Keep in mind that only products sold through Asura can be purchased through us.

  • Our products are always updated according to the latest product information from our partners. Make sure you always check the latest products on our site as reference material to buy products to ensure that the products you buy are the latest.

Becoming an Asura Friend is a wise decision! Make sure we become your best friend before deciding which insurance product you want to take.