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How to File a Claim

While we hope that you never will be in an unfortunate situation, we know that in life certain things sometimes happen. Having the right insurance coverage in place provides you with a piece of mind - and Asura wants to make sure that whenever you have to file a claim this will be as easy and convenient as possible.

Therefore, with all insurance policies purchased through Asura you can file your claim 100% digitally through our website or app. Alternatively, you can always speak to one of our friendly agents and call us. Our insurance experts will always help you until your claim is completely resolved.

Step 1

After you experience an incident covered by your insurance policy, please ensure that you and your family are safe and then login to our website or app to start the claims process.

Step 2

After logging in, please select the policy you would like to file a claim with and select the claims option.

Step 3

Then please follow the easy steps to submit the required data, and please note that you might be asked to upload pictures and video recordings.

Once your claim is submitted it will be processed. You will always be able to see the real-time processing status and will immediately receive your claims payment as soon as possible when the process is complete.