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07 Feb 2019

4 Ways to Choose the Best Home Insurance Products

4 Ways to Choose the Best Home Insurance Products - Asura


Many people get a home protection insurance program to protect against the loss of their house. But there are some things that you need to pay attention to in this insurance. Insurance is not a protective deity who will replace all the losses you experience. Insurance only lightens your burden, there are even some insurers who only spend a little money and may not at all be able to alleviate the losses that you suffer.

Here are 4 ways to choose the best home insurance products for your property:

Do a Comparison

You should have as many choices as possible so that it's easy to make comparisons of home insurance product providers. The purpose of the comparison is to be able to make the best decision by comparing the costs and benefits of various types of home insurance companies.

To save time and costs of comparison, it's best to do online research. You can directly apply for home insurance or get a free consultation online.

Know Guarantees

By reviewing a lot of choices in your comparison, you can find out what protection each product from your chosen insurance company provides, for example, the risk of fire that occurs due to various things, such as short circuit, lightning strikes, plane crashes, explosions, or riots.

Ask how the insurance company views this risk, so that you are more clear about which risks are guaranteed by the insurance company. By having this clarity at the beginning of the agreement, you will not make a wrong decision.

Know the Claim Process

You certainly do not want the risk to occur, but if it still happens, you must file a claim of loss to the insurance company. But the fact is that making a claim is not as easy as one might imagine. Therefore, in the comparison process, ask in detail about the claim procedures that apply in each company that offers home insurance. Make sure that later you do not have difficulty managing claims when unwanted risks occur.

To have even more information, ask this question to insurance experts on financial forums. Apart from being a valuable source of information, it will be easy and quick. You may also use the forum to ask the opinion of other people who have used home insurance services.

Cost and Value of Coverage

The amount that you have to pay and the insurance coverage that will be obtained are the deciding factors. You have to make sure that the insured money received will cover the potential losses you may bear. So you have to do a careful calculation and compare it with the length of the insurance contract.

This is what makes property insurance still not popular among Indonesian people. They still doubt the benefits that will be obtained, even though the insurance will bear part of the risk by replacing losses suffered according to the agreed policy.

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