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30 Jan 2020

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Car

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Car - Asura


Before buying the used car you are interested in, it's better to get all the information you need to know from the seller to avoid problems in the future.

These two are general questions that can help you:

  • Is there a log book service registration?
  • Does this car have a complaint history?

Documents pertaining to the questions mentioned above are important if you wanted to buy a used car. You might as well get a vehicle history before buying the car.

The following are guide questions you need to ask when planning to buy a used car:

Why would you sell this car? If someone tries to hide their true intentions, you might be able to catch them from asking questions. You can also bargain if you think they wanted to dispose the car quickly.

What is the condition of the car? A seller may not tell you of the car's current condition. However, knowing whether there is damage or it needs repair beforehand can help you make better decisions and have a rough estimate on how much you are willing to pay for it.

Until when is the remaining tax valid? If you have to buy the car and pay for the remaining tax in less than a month or more, you might want to consider this factor in making your decision.

How many kilometers/miles has the car run? If the seller tells you that the car has only run for a few miles, but the odometer shows a distance of around 100,000 miles, then you should be careful and think properly before buying.

Car history

How many previous owners this car has had? If the car you are interested to buy had many previous owners, then, you must be suspicious. It could mean that there is something in the car's history that you were not told.

How long did the last owner have the car? Cars that have been bought and sold in a few months don't sound right. There may be a reason for the last owner to dispose the car immediately, so, you must think carefully.

What is the car used for? You'll get a variety of stories from this question. Knowing how the car is used will let you look for inconsistencies when checking its conditions.

Was it involved in an accident or was previously stolen? If the car has been patched after an accident or recovered after being stolen, there may be hidden damages that may not be apparent.

Is the car still on credit? If the car has not been fully paid yet, you might reconsider buying it. Technically, it still belongs to a finance company. After having a conversation with the seller, it's a good idea to examine the vehicle more thoroughly. You should be able to compare the details upon your check up with the data given by the seller to eliminate the inconsistencies.

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