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30 Jan 2020

Significant Tips When Buying a Used Car

Significant Tips When Buying a Used Car  - Asura


If you have bought a new car from a dealer, and you found some defects or for any other reasons you wanted to return the asset, then you have the right to return it within 30 days after the purchase. Previously, you could return the car at a "reasonable time", but now, the Consumer Rights Act is more conclusive and absolute with their conditions. If you find an error during the purchase, you have the right to cancel it and ask for a full refund. If you decide to keep it, you can ask assistance for repairs. However, you need to have a proof or evidence that a mistake existed, the car has a defect, something went wrong or any other valid reasons.

Buy from a private seller

Buying from individual sellers is cheaper, but is also risky. You will have less consumer rights if the car turns out to be of no use.

There are two consumer rights involved:

    • The seller must have a legal permit to sell the vehicle
    • the car must match the descriptions stated

To avoid buying cars from fraudulent sellers, always try to check the car within the owner's territory. You may be asked to meet at a location that is equally comfortable, but try to turn down the request.

The car that you will buy must match the descriptions stated in the ad, whether it's written or verbal. It is your responsibility to ensure that everything is right and fits the description before you actually pay for the car.

If you are not that well informed with car industry, you can invite others who are knowledgeable to do the necessary checks of the item. Cars must be roadworthy and safe to drive. If it is not at its best condition, the seller must tell you clearly about it. In the end, both of you (seller and buyer) must agree of the details like knowing that the car was purchased from scrap.

Buy From a Dealer

Although it is more expensive, buying from a dealer offers some level of legal protection. You are protected of several rights under the 1979 Goods Sales Act - the car you buy must be suitable for its purpose, with satisfactory quality, and in accordance with the description.

Your rights are not affected by any additional coverage available for the car, such as car insurance or damage insurance. The dealer still has the responsibility to fix the problem. Before you hand over the payment, make sure you are satisfied with the car's condition, its age and price. If the car has a defect or error, the dealer must disclose the information to you during the viewing and check-up of the asset before a purchase could occur.

Buy Online

When buying online, you are still protected by the same consumer rights. What's more, you may also have additional rights under the Consumer Contract Rules. This includes the "refund" period, where you can cancel the order if you have changed your mind.

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