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23 Jul 2018

The Importance of Joint Venture General Insurance for Workers Abroad

The Importance of Joint Venture General Insurance for Workers Abroad - Asura


For those who are working abroad or for expatriates (foreigners) working in Indonesia, they must understand and be able to find a number of joint venture general insurance companies in the countries where they will work, especially those affiliated with leading insurance providers from America, Europe and Japan. Experts recommend foreigners to go with well-known insurance companies from their home countries, because they are likely to provide the same coverage, premiums and standard claim procedures.

Most joint venture insurance companies also provide health insurance, while all offer insurance for personal responsibility, life, travel, motorized vehicles, households and homeowners. They also provide easy-to-understand terms.

Origin Insurance

Foreigners must be adequately informed about the scope of the insurance provided by their country of origin for the duration of their stay abroad, on business trips or travels to and from other countries' assigned posts in relation to work.

They must ask whether their home country policies will keep them closed (or not) regardless of the country where they will later live because of work. Find out about claim procedures to prevent unprotected risks later, so that unnecessary worries related to cost complications that may arise from working with overseas-based company that does not always have representation in the country of origin will be avoided.

Insurance specialists recommend expatriates to get insurance protection for health, life, properties ranging from cars, households, household staff, and their personal responsibilities. Usually, health insurance policies from expatriate countries can provide enough coverage. The important thing is that you have a knowledge regarding this matter.

Insuring Employees

Almost all multinational companies both in Indonesia and abroad always have insurance policies for their employees, which are usually group life insurance, health, and personal accidents. Large companies usually use attractive types of insurance packages as selling points so that competent local talent would want to work in their companies.

If you want to have a personal insurance scheme (apart from protection from your company), you can also look for services from trusted joint venture insurance companies. Some private insurance providers include health care, old age, accidents and death. Premium payments are usually shared between the company and employees. This insurance arrangement has been mandated as an obligation for businesses that employ more than ten workers and serve payroll payments in excess of Rp.10 million (US $ 750) every month and usually applies globally, both in Indonesia and abroad.

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