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22 Jul 2018

The Significance of Health Insurance for Foreign Workers

The Significance of Health Insurance for Foreign Workers - Asura

Increasing global business conditions require workers to work across countries. When you plan to work abroad, always consider an insurance protection for your benefit. And before working abroad, make sure that you understand the protection you have acquired after applying for insurance.

Leading international medical plans marketed domestically in Indonesia include emergency medical evacuations with the possibility of adding major outpatient services to cover all but small outpatient claims, which are often excluded from reducing costs. Therefore, claims for outpatient care are usually subject to reductions associated with the disease. This is what needs to be understood in detail by prospective workers because if there is a risk, the costs that must be paid are quite large.

A patient may have several doctor and specialist visits plus a numerous drug prescription for an illness but will only be deducted by a single amount. One thing that you need to take note is that a person may undergo outpatient care with relation to a very serious illness and will not be included in the local clinic scheme.

You also need to check your insurance coverage when working abroad. There are currently many foreign joint venture insurance companies with offices in Jakarta and Bali selling medical products, inpatient and other general insurance for group and individual insurance policies, so, you have a choice of companies and products. You can also buy health insurance or travel plans from a company based in your home country that provides some medical coverage for overseas travel. However, you must be very sure about the restrictions and exceptions to the plan, because emergencies are the worst time to test the limits of your specific plan.

For conditions like this you can consult with many insurance brokers available online. Finding the best plan for your special needs can be very time consuming. A local health insurance company representative or company group will sell you how good the company's products are. But the representative is not paid to explain that another company is doing the same (or better) thing at a lower cost, and he is not paid to promote the products of his competitors.

Consider costs

Good and comprehensive medical insurance is not cheap, nor does it require emergency medical evacuation, so most people will consider the costs when making health insurance decisions. It is important to know what information you can get from an agent or a broker who can help you make choices based on your individual or company needs.

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