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31 Dec 2018

Tips For Smooth Car Insurance Claim Process

Tips For Your Car Insurance Claim Process To Go Smoothly - Asura

Sometimes, insurance companies send their representatives to check the accident site before they give you the benefits of insurance claims. It is your responsibility to provide assistance to representatives and fulfill all formalities related to claims.

There may be some problems that arise when registering a claim. This is a legal procedure and therefore must be gone through with patience. The process of submitting a claim is quite simple, but if it is not followed carefully, your claim can be rejected.

Type of Claim Settlement Process

There are 2 types of claim settlement processes.

  • Settlement of Money-less Claims - The insurance provider completes a direct claim with the garage registered in the partner car repair network.
  • Cost Refunds - Based on this, the policyholder pays the cost of repairs that occur, and the insurance provider completes the claim in the future.

Reasons for Claim Refusal by Car Insurance Companies

Although making a car insurance claim is an easy process, there are times when claims are rejected by the company. Such situations do not occur often, but when they do, it is very important to understand what is wrong and why. Below are some situations where your insurance company will refuse settlement of claims.

Wrong information in the Insurance Policy Application

Insurance is an agreement that endures trust between the insured and the insurance company. To save money, many applicants fill in the wrong information on the application form.

Some people can lie about their driving experience, previous car accident records, car-related information such as mileage and speed. If you submit a car insurance claim, and the insurance company learns the information is fake, then it will not process your claim. Not only will the claim be rejected, your insurance policy can be canceled because of lying.

It is important for you to be honest and provide personal information and accurate car-related information. Just to save money — you will lose more by lying. The money you pay as a premium will be very futile if your policy is canceled.

You wait too long to submit your claim

Every car insurance company like in India has its own terms and conditions. There is a special time frame set by each insurance company to submit a car insurance claim in the event of an accident. If an accident occurs, the insurance company must be informed as soon as possible. Many insurance companies have a standard time limit for imitation claims from 48 hours to 72 hours. If the policy holder does not comply with the deadline, the insurance company has all the rights to reject the claim.

Some insurance companies do not consider consequential losses. For example, if your car is damaged by a collision, but you still decide to drive and it leads to vehicle damage and wear, your insurance company has the right to refuse your car insurance claim.

Double-check and wait until the claim administration process is complete.

Now you know in what situations your claim can get rejected. Make sure you don't do anything wrong on your end so that your claim is processed smoothly. This way, you will be able to enjoy the insurance benefits offered by your car insurance plan.

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